17 kesä 2020

Adam Lambert Velvet -kiertue peruuntuu

Adam Lambert Velvet -kiertue peruuntuu

Adam Lambertin Velvet -kiertue ja samalla myös Helsingin Jäähallin konsertti peruuntuu.

Alla Adamin lausunto koskien peruuntumista. 

"EUROPE. I am so so sorry and completely heartbroken that we have to cancel the upcoming Velvet tour in September. I have been so excited to play the new album to you guys - i know we all wanna dance right now! However, due to what’s best for our health and safety, alongside Covid-19 government guidelines across the continent, this has become the only option. With a handful of other commitments scheduled, I am sad to say that I won’t be able to reschedule these shows. If you are not contacted by your ticket agency within the next month, please go back to your original point of purchase. Stay safe, look after each other and I hope to see you all real soon – A x”

Liput on mahdollista palauttaa ostopaikkaan 12.9.2020 asti. All Things Live pahoittelee peruuntumisesta mahdollisesti aiheutuvaa haittaa.