21 touko 2021

Till Dawn They Count joins the All Things Live partnership

Leading Finnish artist management company, Till Dawn They Count, joins All Things Live. The company represents a number of Finnish metal artists including the world-renown Nightwish with more than 10 million albums sold to date and sold-out global tours.

All Things Live further strengthens its presence in Finland and expands its position as the leading live entertainment company in the Nordics to include artist management. Till Dawn They Count maintains its independence and will continue on the growth journey supported by the strong organization and network of the All Things Live partnership.

“I am very excited about the prospect of Till Dawn They Count becoming a member of the All Things Live family, who shares our ambition to help realize the vision and potential of both established and emerging artists. We maintain our independence and strong dedication to our bands, with the All Things Live partnership broadening our network and providing us with a strong and supporting organization that further strengthens our ability to help develop established and emerging artists alike. Meanwhile, we are looking forward to contributing to the partnership with our know-how and network”, says Toni Peiju, cofounder of Till Dawn They Count.

Toni Peiju founded Till Dawn They Count together with Ewo Pohjola in 2014 with the aim to successfully develop artists’ careers and provide complete management services based on an uncompromising passion for the metal scene. The company currently manages leading metal artists such as Nightwish, Sonata Arctica and Beast in Black as well as emerging and promising talents such as Turmion Kätilöt and Lähiöbotox.

“We are very excited about Till Dawn They Count joining the All Things Live partnership, as we now establish a strong entry into the artist management activities of live entertainment. We see great prospects in the dedicated Till Dawn They Count team, the many talented artists and the expansion into artist management. Together we establish an even stronger platform and ability to grow artists”, says Kim Worsøe, CEO of All Things Live Group.

The acquisition does not entail changes for artists, partners, customers or employees, as proximity and familiarity is a key area of focus for the All Things Live partnership. The parties have agreed not to disclose transaction details.

Till Dawn They Count

Till Dawn They Count is Finland’s leading artist manager with three employees representing a number of artists, such as Nightwish, Sonata Arctica and Beast in Black. The company was established in 2014 and focuses on metal artists, with its two founders, Toni Peiju and Ewo Pohjola, each having more than two decades experience managing both emerging and world-renown artists.


All Things Live Group

All Things Live was established in December 2018 following Waterland Private Equity’s acquisition of leading Nordic live entertainment companies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The partnership entered the Finnish festival scene in 2019 and now expands further into artist management.

All Things Live will have more than 150 employees and covers the full spectrum from acts and comedy productions over musical productions, stand-up events, festivals to arena concerts.

All Things Live represents over 400 local artists on exclusive contracts, normally promotes more than 6,500 local and international events with more than 2 million tickets sold per year and has entered into a number of partnerships with large corporate clients.